Fictional Football Teams In The BFL

Fictional Football Teams In The BFL

The Backbreaker Football League has many fictional football teams spread across the BFL, BCAA, and High School Football League. These fictional teams have been seen in movies, tv shows, and video games.  In The BFL alone, there are 10 fictional football teams that will make their league debut in 2022.


Movie Fictional Football Teams In The BFL

  1. Boston Rebels-The Rebels are an american football team that was briefly seen in the movie “The Game Plan” and yes their star quarterback Joe Kingman will be in the BFL also.
  2. L.A. Stallions-The Stallions are an american football team from the movie “The Last Boy Scout”.  When the team debuts in 2022, Billy Cole will be the starting running back even though he took his own life in the movie.
  3. Mean Machine- This team was featured in two different releases of the movie “The Longest Yard”.  The Longest Yard was release in 1974 and was remade in 2005.  For this league, we’ll focus on the 2005 version with Adam Sandler.  All Mean Machine players that starred in the Longest Yard movie will be on the team roster for the 2022 season.  Paul Crewe, Earl Megget, Deacon Moss, Cheeseburger Eddie, Turley, Torres, Switoski, Big Tony, and Brucie.  Yes even brucie!!!
  4. Miami Sharks-The Sharks were featured in the movie “Any Given Sunday”.  Arguably the best football movie ever made.  Just like Mean Machine, the main players from the movie such as Cap Rooney, Willie Beamen, Julian Washington, Jimmy Sanderson, and Luther Shark will be on the roster at the beginning of the 2022 BFL season.
  5. Toronto Cougars-In the ESPN Series “Playmakers”, the team is called the Cougars.  The city/state of the Cougars football team is unknown, so I gave them the location of where the series was shot.  Quarterback Derrick McConnell, Leon Taylor, Demetrius Harris, Thad Guerwitcz, Kelvin James, Joe King, and Eric Olczyk will debut in 2022.
  6. Washington Sentinels-the Sentinels football team was featured in the movie “The Replacements”.  The Washington football team will find itself in a similar situation as the Miami Sharks when the season begins.  The team has 2 quarterbacks.  Eddie Martel and Shane Falco will be on the same roster in 2022.  Of course this is a huge hit on the salary cap, so a move may be made before week 1.  Also coming over from the movie is running back Walter Cochran, tight end Brian Murphy, wide receiver Clifford Franklin, linebacker Daniel Bateman, safety Ray Smith, and kicker Nigel Gruff.



BFL Fictional Football Teams In TV Shows

  • San Diego Sabers-The Sabers are the only BFL team that was featured in a tv show.  The San Diego Sabers were the main team in the tv series called “The Game”.  When the league kicks off in 2022, Malik Wright will be the starting quarterback for the Sabers and he will have 2 main receiving targets in Derwin Davis and Jason Pitts.



Grand Theft Auto Football Teams In The BFL

  1. Liberty City Wrath-the Wrath is an american football team in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City.  The main player on the team is Escobar, so I gave him the first name Raulo.  Raulo Escobar will play both sides of the ball for the Liberty City Wrath.
  2. Los Santos Pounders-The Pounders are a football team in GTA 5.  If you ride around in Los Santos, you’ll see a few Pounders jerseys in the city.  Stont, Jackson, and Worms are the only three players that will come over from the game.
  3. Vice City Mambas-the Mambas are a team in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.  There is not much to say about this team, except go Mambas!


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