The London Black Knights Are Getting Bullied In The BFL

The London Black Knights Are Getting Bullied By The BFL

In 2 games, the once feared defensive team from Madden 25 has given up 100 points.  The London Black Knights are giving up 50 points a game so far through 2 weeks this season and something has to change immediately.  WTF happened to this team?

The Black Knights have to get back to their defensive mindset and that starts with a few trades.  Let’s unload this roster.  London has great depth at receiver and running back and that may allow them to attract some talent to the defensive side of the ball.

Outside of JoJo Lozana, the London Black Knights have no pass rushers and Lozano hasn’t recorded 1 sack this season.  He needs help upfront and in the secondary to take the pressure off him.




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