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The Roughriders Have Plans to Trade Cougar Greathouse

The Roughriders are Planning to Trade Cougar Greathouse

Going into the season it was a great luxury to have 2 gold tier quarterbacks, but not so much now.  The Roughriders are seeking to trade Cougar Greathouse before the week 8 trade deadline.

Caleb Akintayo, Florida’s starting quarterback is playing well enough to shop Greathouse.  In 2 games, Akintayo has thrown for 430 yards, 5 touchdowns, with no interceptions thrown.

The Florida Roughriders are in great need on the offensive line, cornerback, and safety.  They’ll look to improve their team now while Greathouse still has value.

This season, Cougar Greathouse is 4-11 for 47 yards and was sacked twice in limited playing time.


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