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Backbreaker Football League (Season 1) Week 10 Highlights


Week 10 of the BFL – The hot streak of team USA continues this week vs the 49ers. Although it was a close one, USA got the win. The Mud Dogs are 3rd in their division at 3-6, but they continue to beat teams they are not supposed to win against. The Louisiana Mud Dogs are now 4-6 after their 20-13 win against the Chicago Bears.

Headlines continue to surround West Canaan as Tweeder has broke his own record twice this season. Charlie Tweeder lit up the Miami Sharks defense for 21 receptions, 301 yards, and 5 touchdowns. Tweeder also played running back this game and it seems like the Coyotes will do everything they can to get him the ball more.

The Scorpions are destroying every team in their path scoring major points in each contest. I don’t know if any team can stop them from scoring at this point.

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