7 BFL Teams Based Upon Football Movies

7 BFL Teams Based Upon Football Movies And TV Shows

In the Backbreaker Football League there are 7 BFL teams based upon football movies and tv shows. 

The 7 teams added are known as professional football squads in the movies/tv shows they played in, so if your favorite movie team is not included in the list, it may be because their known as a high school or college program.  

The following list contains the 7 BFL teams of season 1.1 that are based up football movies and tv shows.

Boston Rebels_The Gameplan Movie

1. boston rebels - the gameplan

The Boston Rebels are based upon the movie “The Gameplan”.  Although the team is not a major part of the movie, superstar quarterback Joe Kingman seemed like he would be a good fit in the Backbreaker Football League.

LA Stallions_The Last Boyscout Movie Movie Cover

2. la stallions - the last boyscout

The LA Stallions are based upon the movie “The Last Boy Scout”.  Just like the Boston Rebels mentioned above, you won’t see a bunch of LA Stallions football action in this film.  Running back Billy Cole was the reason this team made it in the league, although he went out like a total savage in the movie. 

Mean Machine_The Longest Yard (2005) Movie Cover

3. mean machine - the longest yard

Mean Machine is based upon the movie “The Longest Yard”.  Obviously from the movie cover, you can tell this team was based upon the 2005 version of the movie featuring Adam Sandler, Michael Irvin, Nelly, and more.

Miami Sharks_Any Given Sunday (1999) Movie Cover

4. miami sharks - any given sunday

The Miami Sharks are based upon arguably the greatest football movie of all time “Any Given Sunday”.  The Sharks will have Willie Beamen, Cap Rooney, Julian Washington, Jimmy Sanderson, and Luther Shark at the beginning of season 1.1.  

San Diego Sabers_The Game TV Show (2006) Cover

5. san diego sabers - the game

The San Diego Sabers are based upon the TV show “The Game”.  The Sabers are based upon the early seasons of The Game with QB Malik Wright, WR Derwin Davis, and WR Jason Pitts.

Toronto Cougars_ESPN Playmakers TV Series

6. toronto cougars - espn playmakers

The Toronto Cougars are based upon the TV Show “Playmakers”.  The Cougars city/state location is actually unknown, but Toronto was given to them, because that’s where the series was filmed.  In Playmakers, the team is only referred to as the Cougars.  

Washington Sentinels_The Replacements (2000) Movie Cover

7. washington sentinels - the replacements

The Washington Sentinels are based upon the movie “The Replacements”.  The Sentinels going into season 1.1 have a quarterback controversy, a solid running back, star tight end, and a wide receiver who may or may not catch the ball.  Perfect drama for the BFL!

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