A BFL Salary Cap Increase Will Create 99 Overall Teams

A BFL Salary Cap Increase Will Create 99 Overall Teams


Next season, the Backbreaker Football League may see an increase in the salary cap.  The salary cap increase will improve a teams chances to have a 99 overall team.  The current salary cap is $110 million with the max amount of gold players a team can have limited to 7.  The BFL salary cap is in place to prevent Backbreaker’s gameplay from becoming too boring.  Having too many gold superstars on the defensive side of the ball can greatly destroy the running game completely, so we have to proceed with caution.  With the current cap restrictions in place, Backbreaker feels more exciting and the running game is greatly improved.

Before any changes take place to the current salary cap, there will be several tests to insure the game’s stability with more gold players on the field.  If we see a change to the salary cap next season, it will go up to $140 million dollars and that will allow for a maximum 11 gold players on a teams roster.


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