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Backbreaker Football League (Season 1) Week 3 Highlights


Week 3 of the BFL – Prime Time Deion Sanders continues to make big plays with his game changing speed and leads the 49ers to a 25-21 victory over the Miami Sharks.

The Scorpions may struggle to tackle on defense, but this guy Tevor Ricker at quarterback is quite the playmaker.

The ESU Timberwolves get a win against a NFL team with their 14-7 victory over the Lions.  Well it is the Lions.

Permian High tried their best, but couldn’t matchup well with the Florida Gators.  The Gators won 21-3 while rotating quarterbacks Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow.

Underarmour loses its first game 21-16 and the defense gives up the first points of the season.  Underarmour came into this game with 18 sacks, 10 takeaways, 0 points allowed, but gave 21 points in this matchup.

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