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Minnesota Rush Best Football Player Names

Minnesota Rush 13 Best Football Player Names

Going into season 1, the Minnesota Rush football team have some of the best football player names in the BFL. While trying to establish a reputation for running the football, The Rush have a few football player names on the offensive line and in the backfield who represent that idea.  For example: when a team has a running back named Bo Jackson Jr., there’s a good chance they plan on running the ball.  With names like Hulk and Bulldozer on the offensive line, it’s gonna be a long day for defenders.



Best Football Player Names On The Offensive Line

  • LT – Bulldozer
  • LG – Pancake
  • C – Cinderblock
  • RG – Red Sea
  • RT – Hulk



Best Football Player Names On Offense

  • RB – Bo Jackson Jr. (Team Captain)
  • WR – Jack Nife


Best Football Player Names On Defense

  • DT – Road Block
  • DT – Aaron Rush
  • MLB – Larry Greathouse
  • OLB – Cole Rush
  • CB – Robin Hood
  • CB – D.J. Godspeed


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