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Quarterback Archetypes

Quarterback Archetypes_Backbreaker Football league

The Backbreaker Football League has 5 archetypes for the quarterback position.  3 of the archetypes are created for pocket passers and 2 are made for mobile quarterbacks.  The quarterback position is one of the most difficult positions to be successful in the Backbreaker Football League, because of issues within the game itself.

The Backbreaker game has an issue with receiver drops, so that will affect a qb’s completion percentage.  Secondly, cpu quarterbacks have a tendency to throw interceptions directly to linebackers that sit in zone coverage.

The following archetypes were the 5 chosen to be used in season 1 of the Backbreaker Football League.


Cannon Arm

Cannon Arm quarterbacks in the Backbreaker Football League has the strongest arms.  These qb’s can throw deep downfield and can throw into tight coverage, better than the rest of the qb archetypes.  Be careful trying to bait a gold tier quarterback with the cannon arm archetype.  These guys can throw heat.




Mobile QB (Pocket)

Although these quarterbacks can run, they prefer to buy time, so they can throw from the pocket.  This build was inspired by the Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson type quarterbacks that rather throw from the pocket, but can run if they need to.


Mobile QB (Power)

The Mobile QB Power build was inspired by the Tim Tebow and Steve McNair type of player.  These guys are the physical runners of the quarterback archetypes.  The Mobile QB Power build is made to run defenders over.  They are not super accurate, but these players can throw deep downfield.  With max ratings, the Mobile QB Power build can literally put a team on his back.


Mobile QB (Speed)

Its no secret that the Mobile QB Speed build was inspired by players like Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson.  The players in the Backbreaker Football League that possess this build is looking to run first and pass second.  Unfortunately, speed quarterbacks have the bad reputation of being inaccurate, even though that’s not always the case.

The Backbreaker Football League will use that reputation to balance this speed archetype.  Speed is a killer at the quarterback position, so these players were intentionally made to be less accurate than the other builds.

Precision Passer

Looking for a field general?  The Precision Passer archetype is the most accurate in the league.  When maxed out, the Precision Passer build will get 99 focus.  Focus in Backbreaker allows qb’s to be more aware of defensive coverages and it affects how accurate a quarterback is.  A gold tier quarterback with the Precision Passer build will be able to scan the field better than any other qb build in the league.

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