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Running Back Archetypes In The Backbreaker Football League


There are 3 different types of running backs in the Backbreaker Football League.  Speed Back, Receiving Back, and Power Back is the 3 archetypes chosen to be used for running backs in the league.

The running back position is the hardest position to play in the Backbreaker Football League.  The Greathouse patch damaged the run blocking in Backbreaker, so now it’s much easier for defenders to shoot the gaps in the line and slide off blocks.  If a running back rushes for 1,000 yards in the Backbreaker Football League, put some respect on his name.


Power Back

Power Backs in the Backbreaker Football League are the bangers.  They are rated higher in strength than the other 2 running back archetypes.  These are the players you wanna give the ball to in those tough short yardage situations.  Power Backs are great at running in between the tackles.  They can take the punishment of the Backbreaker defenders, but they’ll also deliver punishment of their own.  A gold tier Power Back can get a maximum of 99 strength, but they can also max out at 86 speed which is not bad for this archetype.


Receiving Back

Receiving Backs in the Backbreaker Football League are the best pass catchers out of the backfield and these guys can line up at receiver if needed.  These players are rated higher in focus and agility.  Tbh a gold tier Receiving Back is kinda overpowered.  They can get a maxed 99 rating in focus and agility, but still get a top speed of 90.  The weakness of a Receiving back is their strength.  80 is the highest strength rating a receiving back can get.


Speed Back

Speed Backs are self explanatory.  They are the fastest of the 3 running back archetypes available.  A gold tier Speed Back can only get a 99 rating in speed, meanwhile their focus and agility will max out at 90.  Similar to Receiving Backs, Speed Backs weakness is their strength and it can only max out to 80.

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