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Backbreaker Football League (Season 1) Week 5 Highlights


Week 5 of the BFL – UNC (user team) bounces back with a late comeback win over ESU.  Willie Beamen is desperate for his first win.  The Miami Sharks are good enough to get a tie, but just not good enough to add a W to the win column. The Louisiana Mud Dogs wins a ugly football game over a NFL team and shows they can compete with anybody.

The Chicago Bears avoid embarrassment by edging out the Florida Gators 9-6 in overtime. Matt Forte delivered a knockout blow with his 57 yard game winning touchdown.

Game Of The Week
USC Trojans 21 vs West Canaan Coyotes 27
Tweeder the great!!! On offense Tweeder had 12 receptions, 259 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Charlie Tweeder also had a 103 yard game winning kick return touchdown to give the Coyotes a win over a college football program.

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