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Backbreaker Greathouse Patch-How Do I Know If The Game Is Updated


When Backbreaker Football first released, the game felt like it was one step away from being amazing

The game was revolutionary, but at the same time there were too many flaws to consider the game to be good. 

The Backbreaker Greathouse Patch was able to address several of the issues players were complaining about and is one of the biggest updates ever seen for a sports game.

The title update is packed with new plays, better AI, more replay angles, and focus modes.  But what exactly does all this mean, and how does it change the game? Let’s break it down in simpler terms!


Before the Greathouse Patch, there were some issues with the passing game in Backbreaker.

People were complaining about interceptions happening too easily, and the computer-controlled players weren’t very good at passing or running with the ball.

But now, things are looking up! The patch has made some adjustments to passing mechanics and pass blocking, which means it’s harder for the other team to intercept the ball.

Plus, the computer players are smarter about when to throw the ball, making the game feel more realistic.


One of the coolest things about the Greathouse Patch is the addition of “focus modes.”

These let you control different players on the field, like defensive players or wide receivers, in a special way.

It’s like putting on special glasses that help you see the game better! And get this – you can even show or hide your blitz formation before the play starts, giving you more control over your strategy.


The passing game was a big complaint before the patch? Well, now it’s much better! Quarterbacks are more accurate when throwing to players who aren’t in “focus mode,” and there’s even a new button to make a special kind of pass easier to do.

Plus, running backs can do moves like spins and jukes more smoothly, making the game feel more exciting.

A Whole New Experience: After the Greathouse Patch, the game feels like a whole new world.

The computer-controlled teams are much better at playing offense, and interceptions happen less often. And remember those annoying penalties that kept getting in the way?

The patch fixes a lot of those too, so the game feels fairer and more fun to play.

Some have said it’s the best improvement they’ve ever seen in a game!

The game used to have a lot of problems, but now it’s like playing a totally different game – one that’s much more exciting and realistic.

how do i know if backbreaker is patched?

If the Greathouse title update is working in the Backbreaker, the 1st thing you will see is the Greathouse #3 on the loading screen as show in the picture below. 

Besides the loading screen, you’ll notice the ratings have changed for the Backbreaker teamsNote: team ratings are different on the patched and pre-patched versions of Backbreaker, even with custom teams.

If the game is patched you’ll notice from the opening kickoff.  The kicking meter is faster and the kickoff is faster. 

The patched version of Backbreaker has faster gameplay movement.  The next way to verify if the title update was applied successfully is the playbook. 

If you see offensive formations such as Empty, Bunch, and T-Form, you know the game is patched.  If you see defensive formations such as 46, 33, and 3 Deep you know the title update is working.

Backbreaker Greathouse Patch How Do I Know If The Game Is Updated

can the backbreaker patch be used for xenia?

Yes! You can use the Backbreaker patch on the Xenia emulator.  The title update can be downloaded here.

Download The Backbreaker Greathouse Patch

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