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Alabama Bolts Added To The Backbreaker Football League

Alabama Bolts Added To The Backbreaker Football League

Former Backbreaker D-League team, Alabama Bolts will be added to the new Backbreaker Football League.  The Bolts are also returning with familiar names quarterback Ramon York and wide receiver Myles Daniels.  Both players were big contributors for the Alabama Bolts in the old D-League.

Bama is looking balanced on both sides of the football, but their secondary is the strength of the team.  The addition of ball hawking safeties Myles Power and Jose Salinas may turn into defensive touchdowns for Alabama.  Look for these guys catch a lot of picks this season.

The Bolts also added star power at the running back position with the signing of Blitz The League Captain Kelvin Diggs.  Going into week 1, Alabama is 2 million dollars under the salary cap.

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